May 26, 2013

  • Mold me, my potter



    O Lord, you are my potter, I am your clay.

    Mold me as you will, into the best jar that you want me to be.

    I submit to your will, O Lord, despite the pain, the hurts that from time to time would come into my life.

    For how will I be molded into the best piece of jar if I will not be subjected to every form of twisting, bending, cutting, detachment, and so much more be cooked in the hottest furnace?

    Mold me, Lord. Make me into a jar that is most pleasing to your eyes.

    And when you have shaped me into the best jar that you’ve intended me to be, fill me with grace so that I will be a source of grace to others.

    Fill me with strength, that I may be able to give strength to the weak.

    Fill me with peace, that I may be a source of peace to the peaceless.

    Fill me with love, that I may be able to share you love to the lonely.

    Fill me with blessings, that others may share with your goodness.

    Photo from A Day In God’s Will.

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